Cindy Bailey
Founder/SF Editor-in-chief/Writer

Cindy Bailey is a freelance writer and award-winning owner of Bailey Communications, a firm that specializes in providing the most effective written communications for clients. [more]

Wayman Barnes

Wayman Barnes has been published in The Funny Times, Comic Relief, Vox Populi, Digress Magazine, Ad Infinitum, and Fetus Noise and has a chapbook titled, Titty Titty Caca. [more]

Frankie Drayus
Founder/Orange Superstar/Writer

Frankie Drayus lives for the feel of words in her mouth. She has featured at numerous venues including the Seattle Poetry Festival, Beyond Baroque, and The World Stage, and [more]

Charlotte O'Brien

Charlotte O'Brien studied poetry under the instruction of Dr. James Ragan at USC and attended the USC summer writing program in Prague. Her poetry has appeared in [more]

Gina Gotsill

Gina Gotsill is a freelance writer and editor who heard about LitRave from a friend and decided to venture into the world of literary writing. Prior to that, most of her work has been fact-based, although she has a full-length play (Mortuary Shuffle) and [more...]

Vené Franco

Vené Franco is a freelance writer in San Francisco. She studied journalism at Cal State Long Beach and creative non-fiction in Bay Area workshops. She has contributed food [more]

George Powell

George Powell's first job at a daily newspaper was in 1971 for the Illinois State Journal-Register . He also worked for the Hearst-owned San Francisco Chronicle , and before Hearst sold it, the San Francisco Examiner [more]

Antonia Kao

Antonia Kao is an independent documentary photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area who is available for assignment. She began her career as a freelance print journalist, publishing in various publications, including The New York Times and Girlfriends Magazine. [more]

Jelen aka Helen the Bashful Dragon
Writer/LitRave Emeritus

Jelena first started writing poetry and short stories in her native Serbo-Croatian language, and she published her work in several anthologies. [more]


The Exorcist
Writer/LitRave Emeritus

Rapper/singer/writer/performer aka Knowledge, Wordsmith, Ray Witter, and England's First Rapper. [more]